The most used wardrobe items


Have you ever looked inside your wardrobe and wonder why you didn’t get that special purse in a different color? That’s because purses are of the items that get used the most. You almost always need a purse whenever you step out. Be it to the grocery store, post office, a day out with friends, date night or just running errands. 
Specifically, natural colored purses will compliment any outfit. so the next time you shop for a purse, look for something that’s natural as it will almost fit any casual occasion. On the other hand , luxury looking ones will get you the million dollar look everyone craves for that special event. Remember, you can look luxurious on a budget, you just have to shop in the right places. 

Another item on the list is jeans. Jeans are one of the most used because they are versatility and easy to style. Take your favorite jeans, throw on a pair of blazers with heels to give it a classic look. Or take that same pair of jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers and boom! You’re the most casual person in the room. Jeans go well with almost any foot wear. From sneakers to heels to flats and sandals. You can never go wrong as long as you’re comfortable. 

What is that item in your closet that you don’t mind wearing everyday because they’re just the most comfortable thing in the world? Share your thoughts and opinions. 

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