Expensive Look on a Budget


  Today, the clothing and fashion industry is crowded with cheap fast fashion. You pay for what you get and that’s not always a win. Just because it is flashy and shinny doesn’t mean it’s worth the money. 

You can look expensive on a budget without compromising quality. Invest your money in clothing that is going to last more than just a single wash cycle. Yes, you read that correctly. Think of how many outfits are sitting in your closet simply because you lost taste in their appearance after a single use. 

Two things to look out for when trying to look expensive on a budget:

1) Stay away from fast fashion. That’s a never ending buying commitment you can’t afford if you’re on a tight budget.  Investing in quality is a good way to cut back on repetitive spending.  

2) Learn to re-style your outfits. Just because you bought an outfit as a set doesn’t mean you can’t style the pieces separately. For example, you can use the crop top from a top/skirt set as an inner piece for a blazer/pants look. From my personal experience, I have seen people use a maxi skirt and style it into a dress just like you would style an oversized shirt into a crop top. There are a lot of YouTube videos on how to do this tricks. 

  What are your thoughts on this topic? Enjoy your day as you brainstorm on how to look expensive on a budget. 

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